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5 Reasons to Get & Stay Healthy!

There are literally hundreds of reasons to create a healthy life and probably thousands of solutions that you can google. I wanted to point out 5 essentials that nail it down and keep it simple. Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness - Stress is the precursor to all major diseases. Did you hear me? Stress is [...]

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Vitamin D – Eat it or Bathe in It!

Vitamin D3 deficiency has finally reached the attention it deserves by healthcare professionals.  It's now common knowledge that more than 50% of the world's population is deficient in this vital nutrient. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in very FEW foods so it must be added to the diet through supplementation [...]

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A Noble Path to Truth

I've always been fascinated by all Teachers of Truth whether they be considered religion or philosophy. Buddhism is an honorable path that leads its seekers to the doorway of enlightenment thru right way of living and deep reflection. Traveling thru Thailand last year was an experience I will never forget, a Buddhist country where all [...]

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Emotional Energy

Where are you spending your emotional energy? Your vibe (emotional state) is literally casting an energy around you, determining your current reality and future. It only takes a bit of effort to change your state, raise your vibration and step closer to joy and love. One simple way to do this is to notice when [...]

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What Makes You Come Alive?

What is it that lights you up and gets you excited? These are the questions I ask my clients who are seeking more fulfillment in their lives. So often we've been conditioned and programed to get a job that offers financial security but no fire or passion for the soul. I truly believe we can [...]

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6 Strategies for Losing the Spare Tire

One of the most frequently-asked questions heard by fitness professionals is, “how can I lose this fat around my belly?” Nobody wants to be thick around the middle — but abdominal fat can be sneaky, accumulating in subtle ways over the years until you suddenly realize you can pinch way more than an inch. Risks [...]

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Self Mastery – The First Step

The Practice of Stillness Meditation Practice is a necessary component for experiencing a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether you sit for 5 mins or 50, allowing space and time to disconnect from all activity and attune to your own well-being is part of becoming the master of your life and circumstances. I suggest starting by blocking [...]

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