Emotional Energy

Where are you spending your emotional energy? Your vibe (emotional state) is literally casting an energy around you, determining your current reality and future. It only takes a bit of effort to change your state, raise your vibration and step closer to joy and love.
One simple way to do this is to notice when negative thoughts creep in. As soon as you hear yourself think a negative thought, immediately replace it with one of gratitude. For instance, “why cant people learn how to drive?”…VS “that person must be really overwhelmed, maybe I should give them some space.”

Your approach to the situation can change INSTANTLY! Using this technique consistently will raise your mood, create more tolerance for everyone around you and allow you to appreciate life in a grander way. Your vibration is literally cascading around you and since we are magnetic to our “likeness” – what you project is what you will attract. Be the light for others to see and feel…and watch how quickly your life becomes illumined!

Be Mindful, Be Intentional, Be Magnetic…You are Worth it!!

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