What Makes You Come Alive?

What is it that lights you up and gets you excited? These are the questions I ask my clients who are seeking more fulfillment in their lives. So often we’ve been conditioned and programed to get a job that offers financial security but no fire or passion for the soul. I truly believe we can have both. 

In my early 20’s I was working in an industry that was literally killing me. I went to work everyday with angst, stress and overwhelmed feelings. Although the money was good, I couldn’t continue to live in this state, day in and day out. I finally reached into my soul, found the courage to stand up for myself and my dreams and walked away from very dear friends to “find my own way.” It eventually led me to starting my own Fitness Company, furthering my education in so many diversified fields, and now living a life assisting others to find their passions.

So again I ask you, “What is it that Fires you up? What would you do if money and time were not an issue? How would you spend your days living in your Passion? Please comment below and lets start a dialogue. I would love to help you clarify and take action steps to making this a reality. Find your Passion and Live it!! This is YOUR one and only Life. Let’s make it Phenomenal!

What Makes YOU come ALIVE!?

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