A Noble Path to Truth

I’ve always been fascinated by all Teachers of Truth whether they be considered religion or philosophy. Buddhism is an honorable path that leads its seekers to the doorway of enlightenment thru right way of living and deep reflection. Traveling thru Thailand last year was an experience I will never forget, a Buddhist country where all are welcome and Most follow these tenants. I can only hope that we all consider each person a blessing and regard each other with honor and compassion. There are many paths to Truth, these resonate with me because they address the idea of suffering. We may not like to talk about it, but it is ever present in our human lives. How we manage and cope with our difficulties is the destiny we create for ourselves. May your life be filled with love, learning and a bit of reflection on how you can inhabit a bit of these truths.

The Four Noble Truths
1. All phenomena is impermanent, all experience is unsatisfactory, suffering is inevitable.
2. Suffering originates in desire, attachments, a clinging to people, possessions, life itself
3. Transcendence of suffering is possible and comes with the “rooting out” of the ongoing desire
4. Freedom is found in following the eight fold noble path, which leads to Nirvana

The Eightfold Noble Path
1. Right Seeing: seeing things clearly within one’s own being, as well as outside oneself
2. Right Resolve: making a commitment to the highest good of all beings
3. Right Speech: speaking with clarity and kindness
4. Right Conduct: taking action for the highest good of all beings
5. Right Livelihood: participating in a livelihood which does no harm and honors all beings
6. Right Effort: all effort in alignment with the highest good of all beings
7. Right Mindfulness: being mindful in all ways of the highest good of all
8. Right Meditation: daily meditation practice focused on enlightenment
Buddha taught that enlightenment comes from following the middle way. The middle way is a balance between seeking and surrender. Buddha taught people that this was the place of non-duality, and ultimately the path to enlightenment.


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