Self Mastery – The First Step

The Practice of Stillness

Meditation Practice is a necessary component for experiencing a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether you sit for 5 mins or 50, allowing space and time to disconnect from all activity and attune to your own well-being is part of becoming the master of your life and circumstances. I suggest starting by blocking out 5-10 minutes everyday. I prefer to do my meditation when I first wake up. I set my alarm for 5 am and I know that I have the next hour as “my time.” Do not look at email, social media or answer texts. Consider this time as Sacred, you are very well putting God first. Tell your family that you are creating a new habit and require their support and space.

If you are brand new to “sitting” be sure to sit either on the floor or chair where your back can be upright, yet relaxed. It may take time to build up the strength of your back muscles to sit up without support, but the more you do it, the stronger you will become. Meditation is like any other activity, the more we do it, the easier it becomes. You may want to cover your legs and shoulders with a blanket. I often wrap my big fluffy robe around me to enhance the experience of Ease, Warmth an Comfort.

Next, close your eyes and simply begin to breathe deeply. Feel the chest, ribs and belly expand on your inhalation and gently contract on  your exhalation. Release the exhalation as slow as possible which allows the heart beat to slow and become more efficient and allows the mind to drop into the present moment. Notice the space BETWEEN the inhalation and exhalation – this moment of “Breathlessness” – where we are almost Suspended in Time. Try to allow this space to become bigger and bigger, longer and longer.

If the mind begins to chatter, remembering your To Do List, slowly, without connecting the thoughts, draw your attention back to your breath. Here I like to begin a practice of counting. Begin counting from 1 – 10 (or whatever number you reach) on the inhalation and allow the exhalation to be double that time. So if  you breathe in for a count of 5, release the exhalation for a count of 10. This pattern of breath-work or pranayama, is known as 2 to 1 breath.

As you continue that pattern of breath and relaxation, begin to draw your inner gaze towards the center of your forehead, your third eye area. Without judging, notice any lightness, darkness, circles, images, squiggles, anything that appears. Watch without judgement or anticipation. Become the Observer. Observe your feelings. Observe your body. Observe your breath. Be present and allow the space of stillness to clothe you.

….and this is where the doorway to self awakens. We sit, we practice stillness, we allow and we accept all that arises. If you feel sadness, let it surface. If you feel anxious, sit with it and allow it to surface without resistance. This is the gateway to entering your higher self. Be patient, be persistent and most importantly, be LOVING to yourself in the practice. Envision your body and mind as a Receiver, connecting to your higher self, God, Krishna, Source or whatever name you prefer. Trust and KNOW that you are a divine extension of this energy and love. Allow yourself to be Loved, Supported and Embraced. Here we can be physical bodies, yet align with our Spiritual/Energetic Selves.

Enjoy the Process and Make it a Life Long Practice. You deserve to Know your Truths. “To Thine Own Self Be True” – Only you have the Key to Self Mastery.

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